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The Aftermath Of A Self-Defense Shooting

It's all well and good to discuss guns, shooting techniques, concealed carry and so on, but what happens after a self defense shooting? What does the aftermath look like?

Well, it's partially impossible to say. Every circumstance is different, so Instance A will be drastically different from Instance B. However, there will be a certain progression of events after the shooting that are common enough for a person to be able to get the general idea.

With that said, much of the aftermath depends upon the legal system. This isn't intended to be legal advice in any way, shape or form, so don't take it as such. Consult your state's laws to learn the pertinent laws of your state and with qualified legal professionals for legal advice.

There are certain things that you should do in the wake of a defensive gun use and a certain process that will unfold. Here's how that will work.

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