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[b said:
Quote[/b] ]It makes a cool toy, but I think that's all it is good for.
I would have to agree here. I bought one for a P22 thinking I would see if I wanted one for the P99. I am glad I only dropped $65.00. It is a cool toy but it is not worth it IMHO. I think TV and Crimson Trace are great for marketing but I don't think much of them for real shooting. My opinion was confirmed to me by the head of the Metro PD Swat in my city when I heard him lecture in an academy...he said they don't use it, they found it took away from their shooting skills. Guys seemed to rely on the laser rather than sight alignment. And since not every situation is going to favor using the laser it was more of a determent. Some departments may find them useful but many do not.
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