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First -- laser aimimg devices are tools, just like any other tool you might use to accomplish a task.  It has its uses AND there are many places where it doesn't help increase your chances of coming out on top. The trick is to learn when and where to use them......to give yourself a tactical advantage.

When to use or not use.......could be a whole thread to itself, so I will only give one example of when a Laser sight system may help. If you are getting older and your eyes are not as strong as they use to be......... a laser can help you temendously in putting the round on target in a consistent manner, even without your glasses on in many cases. Also, for training purposes [ learning trigger control ] the laser can be a very effective tool [ OK, thats 2 ]. Lasers & LEO's........I would like to point out what might be obvious to many..... most TAC teams would only use the IR laser [ only visible to night vision equipment ] and only sold to law enforcement from Laser Devices Inc.

Here is a laser attached to my P-99

The shield on the front of the laser was made by me to protect the lens from muzzle blast.

All of the lasers made by "Laser Devices, Inc." are very well made and designed to stand up to recoil. I have fired over 4,000 rds. from my P-99 with laser attached and have never had to adjust zero after the intitial alignment. They are extremely bright...... Only Crimsion Trace compares in this cat. of brightness for civilian laser sight systems.

NO - lasers are not for everyone........ but the DO have some usefulness if you know when and how to use them.

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