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I read on another site it was around 5000 P99 .40 made by S&W. I believe the p99 .40 cal that I own might be one of them, but not sure. SN number 4610XX. 46 is what the 5000 SN numbers start with. I have no eagle over the N profmark, it is Laser etched not engraved. Right side of slide is marked with the importer being Walter USA LLC, Sprigfield, Ma. Also on the middle of the right side of the slide it says Walther .40 S&W, It was made in 2001. With all this info, I still dont know. Anyone have any input?
From what I have read about the US made P99s they: have laser etched markings, have a 6 in the second position of the serial #, lack the German proof marks, and are in .40 caliber.

The description of yours is identical to mine.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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