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What are you feeding your Q5 match for USPSA?

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New to forum, as well as USPSA. I have two matches under my belt with a 92FS, a very sweet gun.

I just picked up the Q5 match a week ago with a Delta Point Pro, I’m thinking to use it in either open or in carry optics.

I see that most people shoot 147g in optics, and 124/125 in open division, according to the USPSA 2017 Equipment Survey.

What have you found that the Q5 particularly likes to be fed for either of these divisions?

Thanx! Enjoying this forum!
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Not quite the same gun, but the P99 I shoot in Production gets a steady diet of 125 gr Blue Bullets truncated cone bullets over 4.0 grains of VV N320. With the longer barrel of the Q5, you could probably get the same velocity with a tenth or two less powder. The reason nobody in Open shoots 147 gr bullets is that in order to get the velocity they need to make major power factor, they stuff a LOT of powder in the case, and with a 147, there wouldn't be room. Lots of people say that the recoil impulse is softer with 147 grain bullets. Personally, I shoot 125s because I like the way they feel better than 115s and they're significantly cheaper than 147s. Try both weights (as well as 135s) and see what your personal preference is.
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Any off the shelf ammo suggestions for the Q5 Match Poly?

147 for competition. Fenix or peak. Don’t care for practice.
I'm new here with a new SF. My SF gets fed the same ammo as all my other 5" 9mm competition guns. 147gr. DG over 3.2gr. of VV N-320 @ 1.148". In the SF, it seems to run between 880-890 FPS and is nice and soft with low smoke, (important if shooting into the sun or indoors) low flash (especially important on indoor low light stages) and clean burning.
Cool thread and I wanted to share my findings for off the shelf ammo in the SF.

These samplings were run thru the chrono and then run on a quick COF to check accuracy and speed.

Best out of my SF was: Atlanta Arms Steel Challenge 115g at 127pf.
Second was: Atlanta Arms Elite 115 JHP at 128pf.
Third was: NC Shooters 125g Match (Fed primers) Blue Bullet at 129pf.

Most of the 147g offerings were in the 132-134pf range and all felt soft. The 115-125g offerings were soft and the most accurate on the COF.

For the money, the NC Shooters 125g was the best bang for the buck.
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I reload and shoot the ACME Bullet 145gr RN. Been doing well with them. Took 1st place in the IDPA World Championship this year in my class in CCP division with the PPQ 4". My Q5 also shoots the 145gr well.
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I'm sure they're good and your placing in Worlds attests to that, but, Willie E. Coyote's experience with Acme products prevents me from using them myself.
My 5” SF likes 124 gr Federal syntech. It shoots nice and flat with a 12# glock recoil spring, and will make nice little 1-1/2“ groups @25 when I do my part.
The 150 gr Syntech are nice and soft shooting. I typically load 147gr round nose plated with 3.5 grns of Win 231.

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I shoot Supervel 147 in Carry Optics. Shoots in USPSA specs, shoots soft, and after 30K rounds, is very kind to my SF.

I've also used the same load in Production and Limited (Minor), with no issues.
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