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Looking at the SW99 series pistols with Walther/SW, there are no parts available for the .45 cal version and the thing isn't even 20 years old yet.

I would expect a similar scenario with the creed. They will undoubtedly service the pistol to the best of their ability, but as time goes by those parts *will* dry up.

I use my SW99 .45 as a nightstand gun so I actually ended up purchasing a 'parts kit' online from gunbroker (including an extra slide!). I'd hate to have something break on it and just be told 'too bad, so sad... here is a brochure on the PPQ 45 and we can give you a 50 dollar discount'
I owned a SW99 .45acp when they first came out. It was a darned good gun in its own right. Accurate and reliable with the excellent ergonomics the P99 series was and is known for. Especially compared to what was available then in the polymer gun market.

I seem to recall sights and parts were tough to get from Smith even back then. To bad Smith didnt support and promote the gun more.

Congrats on a great gun. I wish I still had mine.
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