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It is called the SSP and is meant to replace the 1969-introduced GSP (and more recent GSP Expert sport and standard pistol)


It will be officially presented at the IWA in Germany on 18-22 March 2005.

Here is an impromptu translation of the German text in VISIER's Web page into English:

After 35 years of modifications and after winning numerous distinctions and medals, the GSP will retire.

Walther's flagship GSP pistol celebrated its 35th birthday in 2004. Despite stiff competition from a dozen other match pistols, the GSP is still tops with a possible of 97 out-of-a-100 (link to the rank of competitive and other pistols tested by the magazine VISIER). Since 1969, some 136,000 GSP variants in .22LR and 32 S&W have been made...by the now 67 year old pensioner Georg Zanner, who conceived it in 1968 and oversaw its production and refinement over the years.

Today Walther relies in the work of designers Thomas Bretschneider and Mike Pries. Thanks to its good reputation, VISIER magazine was allowed to have a fist look at the new small caliber Walther; the SSP (which stands for Spost and Standard Pistol), to be announced to the public at the next IWA exposition.

You can read the whole story of the GSP's career as well as its replacement in the next issue of VISIER magazine, on news stands from March 18th.

[SSP pictured]

Technical data of the new Walther SSP:

- Caliber 22LR (5 shot)
- Dimensions 290 x 135 x 50 mm
- Length: 153 mm
- Weight: 970 g without weights
Cocking is via a forward slide. Top loading magazine, recoil reduction...(?)

...hmm, hope someone can help us with the rest here...

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Good morning:
Despite the difficulty of not speaking English, I want to start this discussion on the Walther SSP, as I believe that we should share our experiences.
Previously I have to indicate that with this pistol, we shoot a lot, it is the weapon with which we shoot the most, we can make six thousand shots per year.
The problem observed and not completely solved, is that after some time in its use, it began to capture pods with the slide in the ejector window.

After talking repeatedly with Walther's service in Europe, they did not solve the problem or provide us with a convincing solution.

It should be noted at this point that practically all the devices for the expulsion of the pod are found in the charger.
1.- The ejection stop is the left lip of the magazine. If you look at it, after prolonged use, you will see that said left lip shows signs of being crushed, this wear may already be a reason why it begins to capture the pods. In other words, you have to buy new chargers periodically.
2.- The force that ejects the pod upwards is what the magazine spring provides, so the pods of the last cartridges are the ones with the best chance of being captured.
3.- Walther did not provide an easy disassembly of the magazine, which makes cleaning operations difficult.

Given that the 22lr caliber is a very dirty ammunition, when dismantling the magazines, we can see that on the sides of the plastic pusher, remains of the cartridge lubricants have accumulated, making it difficult to move linearly. This has to be very clean.

After these previous studies, we have proceeded to carry out the following measurements.
1.- After each run or training we proceed to clean the charger by ultrasound.
2.- We lubricate the charger with TF3.
3.- Before each competition we disassemble the charger and clean and lubricate it manually. 4.- During the competition we cross the fingers of the left hand, which say that bad luck keeps away.

All the above has not been a solution because sporadically, at times, it captures a pod.
If you do it in the precision runs, it does not matter, because you remove the pod and continue, but if the capture is in the speed runs, with the current regulations, you have screwed up the roll.

I suppose that on that continent, there may be someone who has found other causes and other solutions.

I await any answer.

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