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Walther does not make an extended for ppq m2 q4 tac (ppq m series 9mm mag type) but here’s how to convert an m series to an extended 32 round mag. This will not work unless you are willing to retro fit 2 different magazines.
1st step- you need to purchase or find a Walthers p99 extended mag for 9mm.
2nd step- disassemble Walthers p99 extended mag.
3rd step- disassemble m series mag.
(At this point you should have 2 hallow mags in front of you)
4th step- adjust mags facing you, [side by side/with front of mags in front of you] m series mag should have a hole on the left & right side while the P99 extended only has one on the left (which means it will not fit the PPQ M2 naturally)
5th step- Mark hole slot on left and right side of the P99 extended mag that will be congruent with the M series.
6th step- Drill your markings with a 5/32 drill bit [which is exsact diameter of the M series holes].
7th step- Reassemble P99 extended mag with the top of the M series RED bullet holder with P99 extended mag spring and add M series spring base plate ( don’t use P99 steel base plate due to unsteady foundation). pinky grip will go over P99 mag with M series base plate (M series pinky grip slides right off- unsafe)
8th step- Insert extended mag into gun, ( at this point you’ll realize it will not go all the way in due to P99 top of the mag being squared) push in mag release botton, now mag will slide up to the feeding ramp.)
If you followed steps 5-6 correctly your mag should slide right into place. ( you could dermal square P99 mag down on the left side and it would go up more naturally.)

Hope this helped anyone wanting an extended mag on their Walthers PPQ M2 Q4 tac!!
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