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Walther Warranty on P22

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I want to say THANK YOU to the Walther Ft Smith office for the great warranty work they have provided me on my 4 P22s, originally purchased in 2004. As many of you probably know, the original P22s had a problem with slide cracking and the two pistols that we shot most frequently cracked in 2019 (after thousands of rounds through them), followed a few months ago by the two that we had purchased for our sons (one on the way, but not yet born at the time of purchase) which accumulated their use in later years, and fractured just recently. In all cases Walther provided a prompt replacement.
Then, just two weeks ago the hammer spring on my wife's P22 gave out (after thousands of rounds), and I have now received the repaired pistol back from Ft Smith.
It is a genuine pleasure to be able to call customer service and have warranty work provided w/o question and in a prompt and courteous manner .... what a contrast to some other places.
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ballayre- great to hear. Thanks for sharing.
Good report ballayre....now if they had only designed and manufactured the pistol so it wouldn't break 20 years ago. Their most popular pistol...but a black eye many time for them. Ft. Smith does do a great job. 1917
On a brand new ppks they repaired twice in the first month without any questions. Both times it was a defect not my fault great warranty they have.

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