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Hi, I have a Walther PPX that I just recently started daily carrying and I noticed that when I get out of the car sometimes my back has pushed the mag release so I need to pop it back in when I get out of the car. Obviously that's not going to fly with a tool I may defend my life with so I need to find a solution.

I was originally going to get a lower profile mag release for it, but I cant seem to find one on the web. If you know of a place that I could get such a thing I'd love to know!

The other option I came up with is to just take a file to it, which I don't mind doing, but I'd like to have the peace of mind knowing that if I do mess something up I can always get a replacement mag release. The problem is I don't even see replacement parts on Walther's own website.

So my question is, does anyone know if there's a place that would have such a part?
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