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Hi all

I'm getting a Walther PPQ Q4 Tac next week, and looking for holster options (in AU/NZ) for IPSC production/prod optics.

My current main pistol is a Shadow SP-01 using a DAA racer on a DAA belt which I don't have complains.

I'm looking at DAA alpha-x with Q5 match insert, which should fit Q4. I'm planning to get a Shadow 2 next year, I could just get a new insert then.

Another option is Safariland 577 GLS, at 1/3 of the cost (of alpha x), which would also fit most 1911, G17/34 or Q5 match SF that I'm interested in. But I haven't tried it before and not sure if I'd like the draw, or the belt attachment.

Another option is Comp Tac International Q5 holster, similarly priced to Safariland but only fits PPQ. It's said to be pretty quick but not sure how quick it is compare to DAA, and it doesn't have any lock.

Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks.
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