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Walther PPQ m2 9mm 4" vs CZ P 10c

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Any thoughts on these two ?
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Both excellent pistols. I like the feel and trigger of the PPQ better and that’s what I bought. Twice.
I have a PPQ M2 and purchased a P10C last fall. I love my PPQ but the P10C just called to me and I was certain it was going to be my new favorite gun. The reviews after all were astounding and the trigger was the best factory trigger ever! Anyway, I still have the PPQ but traded off the P10C. In my experience it was a slightly bigger Glock 19 with different ergos. And not substantially better ergos either. The Walther feels refined to me while the P10C seemed sort of rough. I shot it 4-5 times at the range and decided that for me the PPQ and my M&P's were both better guns. I know other people who love the P10C, so to each his own.
I tried the CZ P10C and was a bit underwhelmed. it is a decent pistol, if you get one with all the bugs worked out, but I much prefer my Walther PPQ, HK VP9, and Glock 19.

Anyone looking to get a P10C might want to check out this video first. Not sure if CZ has resolved all the various issues but with other terrific striker fired pistols available why bother?

Smith and Wesson has a $50 rebate going on right now. Lots and lots love the new M&P 2.0 pistols and I may still get the M&P 2.0 Compact which truly is the size of the Glock 19. Grab a Gun sells the 9MM for $399 and after rebate that would be $349. That's one heck of a deal for such a pistol.


If anyone is looking to buy a CZ P10C, I would highly recommend getting as recent production as possible.

Hmmmm good video. I'm actually in the market for a "smaller" EDC from my PPQ45. I had been mulling over the Sig P320C, CZ P-10C, and maybe even the PPQM2. Tonight I shot both the Sig and the CZ and quickly ruled out the Sig--to my surprise.

Now I'm debating CZ P-10C or just go with what I love another Walther PPQ, M2 this time.

The PPQM2 is only 0.3" shorter than the PPQ45 and still shorter than the CZ by 0.2". Yeah I know I said smaller so its easier to conceal but really I think I am just using it as an excuse to buy another gun. I guess if I really wanted to something to conceal I can keep carrying my wife's CCP, but I hate the low bullet count.

Did anyone solve this type of dilemma for themselves? What did you end up going with?
When it comes to concealment, barrel length is normally not the determining factor.....its the length of the grip. Its the butt of the gun that prints when you bend over or lean. The barrel doesn't print....it may poke you in the leg though....depending on what belt position you're carrying.

In addition, many factors work together to allow proper concealment as well as comfort and accessibility. For me, 2:30 works best for me....with about 35° of cant. I can carry a 5" Q with a 30 round Beretta magazine, concealed IWB or OWB. This is no chit. I don't make a habit of carrying the 30 round mag....was simply wondering/testing. I can carry a 5" Q with a 15, 17, or modified Sig P226 20 round mag EASILY.

All depends on the holster, ride height, carry (belt) location and dress....if you're not into dresses, then it depends on your shorts and t-shirt. EVERYTHING has to work together...much like all the various springs in a pistol...its a package....changing one, will effect another. OK, I'm rambling....but the older I get, the more I do that.

However, open carry approved in Texas, I find myself carrying OWB most of the time. I carry everywhere (that's not posted) and nobody looks at me like I have 4 eyes. Little kids don't run away.....little old ladies don't look and 'gasp'. It's all in how you carry and present yourself.

Funny story: I was in a fast food restaurant the other day...ordered some chicken (yum, yum). Got my drink cup and walked over to fill er' up. There was a group of 3 teenager boys sitting at a table, by the drink dispenser. As I was walking over I noticed them looking/watching me. I filled up my cup, walked back over to a table, sat down and waited for my order to be filled. In a minute or so, I noticed one of the employees approach the counter with an order in hand....he leaned over, looking at the table with the three boys, and asked if this was their order. One kid almost fell off his stool when he excitedly and with 'big eyes' quickly pointed at the 'old guy' (me) saying 'that's his'.
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imaoldfart I hear you. I'm in Plano and Being able to Open Carry helps especially when it's a hot summer day and I don't want to wear a sports coat and I need to wear a dress shirt tucked in. I carry only as an OWB in a PROTOS-M holster at 7:30. I have yet to be hassled in fact when I pump gas I have been asked what I carry and been told thank God that I use my right. Love it!

Yes, you're right on the grip being what imprints. Because of it the PPQ SC or the P99c AS has crossed my mind as well but just can't get used to only two fingers on the grip--Sure I can get the longer mag but then why not just get a PPQM2.

Well we'll see if I own a PPQM2 or get the CZ P10C. It's just when I find a brand and product I love I am SEMPER FI to the end! So Walther make a double stack CCP!
I have recently started AIWB carrying my PPQ Q5. I'll admit, it's a bigger gun than I'm used to but I just love the way it shoots. My summer carry is the S&W shield 9mm in a kydex Vedder holster. My winter carry gun is a G19 in a G-Code holster w/ mag carrier. Now I'm waiting on a few holsters to show up for my Q5 as I'm using a N82tactical holster temporarily. I should get my Vedder holster for the Q tomorrow. Then my next holster to try is going to be a Tier1 Agis or Axis, haven't decided just yet. Anyways, like someone just said, it's all one package that works together. Well said sir!
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