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Walther PPQ M1 5" model front site

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Hi Gents,

Took delivery of a Gunbuyer.com Walther PPQ M1 5" model yesterday. Really looking forward to trying out the longer site radius with this setup. One thing I NEED to do is replace the rear site. The factory rear leaves A LOT of air on either side of the front site blade.

Does anyone know what the dimensions are (or the manufacturer of) the front fiber optic site?

I would like to set this gun up to be as precise as I can afford so recommendations on rear site dimensions to use with the stock front site would be appreciated.

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We had/have a forum member that used to make PPQ rear sights....and you could even specify the width of the notch. I believe he got busy doing other things and isn't offering these any more.

BUT, if its precision you want, you might want to consider Speedsights.


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Let me second OF comment, I have gone through any different brands of sights and SpeedSights are my current favorite sights. They’re easy to install and will definitely improve your accuracy. I think they will do more to improve accuracy than the longer sight radius.
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