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I just came into possession of a Post-war Walther PPKS. Hoping you all could confirm what I've put together (below) and possibly assist with additional info on its value, history, likely use. Here's what I think I have so far:

Model: PPKS
Serial: 162588
Caliber: 9mm Kurz/.380ACP
Manufactured: Ulm, W. Germany
Proofed: 1972 (see 72 next to proof mark)
Proof marks; Eagle over N and Antler
Imported: Interarms in Alexandria, West Virginia

Photos below. Thanks.


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Welcome to the Forums Dallas. You've answered most of the questions folks come of the site to ask. And you've answered them correctly as well. As to value that is a bit harder to determine.

You might look at the various auctions like Gun Broker and see what similar weapons are going for right now. Past that it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it and you are willing to sell it for.

Enjoy the Forums!
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