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First and foremost, I have zero vested or otherwise interest in this gun for sale, just passing along a good deal I came across at one of my LGS I deal with.
S&W stainless, like new PPK/S box and several mags.
This is the gun I mentioned in an earlier post about having a PPK marked slide on a PPK/S frame?
The story (from my gun dealer) is he checked with Walther/S&W (whoever) did the service work on it and it came in as a PPK/S, but they could not verify if it went out with the wrong slide attached though (our theory is the wrong slide was installed prior to shipping back).

Never the less, I checked the gun out and the gun is in 100% condition and shape if anybody's interested and at a great price, I think.
Just shoot me a PM and I'll give you the shops number and info.


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