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Walther PPK/S Information & Identification

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I'm trying to dig up as much information as I can on my Walther PPK/s .380 cal. So far all I know is that it was made in the 70's and then imported by Interarms. But I would like to see if anyone on here may know more about it.

The first thing that strikes me as odd is the S/N's. There are 2 visible S/N's on it the first is on the slide on the right hand side with the muzzle facing away from you and it reads 143925 and the 2nd is vertical on the grip just in front of the grip it self on the right hand side when the muzzle is facing away from you and it reads 143925S. So im wondering why one has that added S to it and the other does not.

The next is the Eagle on its that looks similar to the Nero stamp on my P38 so I think its the same thing. The stamp looks like an eagle with its head pointing to the left towards the hammer with its wings spread and an N directly under it. Like I said I believe this to be a Nero Stamp of some kind. But unlike the P38 where the stamp is on the under side of the barrel it is on the shell ejection port cover thingy (that's my technical term for it).

Lastly is another stamp on the shell ejection port cover thingy it is the number "70" with what appears to be some kind of branch of some sort right after the zero. I believe the "70" to be the year it was made but I don't know what the branch thing means.

So any knowledge and information about this that you guys can pass along would be greatly welcomed. I got great results form you all when I asked about my P38 so I cant wait to hear from you all.

Thanks in advance,

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This will get you started and answer many, if not all, of your questions.
Sadly all that answered was the Eagle. So either I missed something or I need more information but thank you

the "70"-stamp on the ejection port is the proof date by geman authority. In most cases it's the year the gun was made. The other stamps are the eagle/N and an antler. The antler stands for Ulm (=> proofed in Ulm).

The "S" Suffix stands for "special". The PPK/S combines the PP frame with a PPK barrel and slide. It's normal, that the "S" suffix only appears on the frame, not on the slide. The numbers are matching, so everything is allright ;) .

Awesome! Thanks martin that answers everything!
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