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Walther PP

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I inherited a Walther PP 9mm Serial Number 206XX A. Wanted to see if anyone knows much about this and its value.

Thank you.
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Pictures are needed for a accurate evaluation...
jefe', your pistol is 9mm short, or Corto, otherwise known as .380 ACP. Just in case you set out to buy ammo.
I'm super new here so I'm not sure how to add photos without a URL of the photo. Sorry for the hassle but any help would be great. Thanks
Upload your photos to Imgur.com......its FREE and easy to use. Don't even consider PhotoBucket....they BLOW Big Time and put big ole ugly watermarks on all the photos.

Once you've created an account on Imgur and uploaded your photos, 'click' on one of your photos...a new window will open up with your photo and a bunch of links on the right side. Look at the links and pick the one that's labeled "BBCode (message boards & forums)" ... now click on the 'copy' button.

Go to Walther forum, type a post and then 'right click' just below your text...a box pops up....click 'paste'. That'll past the link to your post and the picture will show up in your post.

It'll display just like this......this is only a sample.
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Or if you don’t want to bother with a hosting site like imgur, you can attach photos directly.

On a smartphone from the mobile version of the forum, click on the paperclip icon in the top right corner and follow the prompts to your device’s photo library to attach pictures.

In the full web version of the forum, “Go Advanced” below the quick reply window, scroll down to “Manage attachments”, and proceed the same way to your pictures.
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