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About a year ago I shot a friend's PPKS at the range and was very impressed with its balance and accuracy, esp. for such a small pistol. I've been wanting to get a PPK or PPKS since then but locally (Anchorage AK) prices are very high, $500 and up.

A few weeks ago I spotted a Walther PP in 7.65 Browning/.32 ACP with Ulm markings for $250 and grabbed it. I'm extremely happy with my choice, both because of the cost and because it's at least as good as any PPK out there. I saw an ad for these in the Shotgun News a few weeks back for about $250 including a shoulder holster. So we may be seeing more of these on the shelves. Though the post-war ones were technically made in France, I advise you NOT to hold that against them.

First of all, the size is ideal. They have about an inch more in both directions than the PPK, making for a more comfortable shooter all around. Mine was altered by the previous owner who bent the ejector slightly. My gunsmith tells me this was most likely to give the PP a "preference" for Winchester Silvertips as opposed to longer FMJ's. ANd indeed it shoots flawlessly with Silvertips and other short OAL rounds but stovepipes from time to time on FMJ's.

I haven't decided whether to alter it back. I love the Silvertips, and with their light recoil I'm able to shoot very rapidly while staying on target.

Accuracy is great. I'm getting two inch 25 yard groups already, and that will get better with practice. While small the PP balances very well and aims without fuss. I like the "U" grove rear sight.

I'm currently using the PP as my CCW piece in a Galco Miami and it's been great. It's much ligher than my last CCW piece and I find I wear it more often.

Anyway thumbs up from me!
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