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Walther PP Quality all leather Shoulder Holster

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I have a mid-century PP and it has no place to rest. I want to put it in a nice all leather holster. No nylon clips, no nylon webbing, no velcro. I figure the piece is a bit iconic, needs to sit in an appropriate era/period holster.

I've seen Gaalco, many holsters online, "Miami-Vice Rig" etc. I've seen some Spectre shoulder holsters too. Problem is I can't get my hands on these to feel quality, softness, ability to hold the gun etc. Vertical vs Horizontal....

On line shopping shows many folks make holsters but they are usually a rather thick leather, sort of a western/saddle type craftsmanship. I have seen some leather products from Former Yugoslavia too--bit surprised by that.

Has anyone bought a product similar to described above? Been happy? Learned something they could pass as advice?

Thanks in advance
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The Bianchi X16 looks pretty nice for other than custom but I don’t have any personal experience with any of the shoulder rigs. At least Bianchi’s a known company with a decent rep and my belt holster of theirs is beautifully made.
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I have the Kirkpatrick shoulder holster, it does have elastic on the shoulder loop on the opposite side so I'm not sure if that's a disqualifyer but it's a well made holster that I highly recommend.

Other than finding a period correct holster which will most likely be in rough shape and having a custom shop copy it you might be out of luck.

Here's a non gun guys review of it.

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Here are a few options from ebay

I have a Galco executive that I'm very pleased with for my PPK. I use a Miami Classic with my PPQ and P99....

Shoulder rigs have their place and do take time to get use to. I prefer a vertical drop over a horizontal but with the PP platform the size is such that it doesn't matter as much.
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Thanks for all the thoughts and links, looking into them.....

again thank you
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