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Thought I’d share this rare Walther on auction at Herman Historica.
Some other rare firearms within the auction also.
(No affiliation with the company)

Walther PP90 “The Unknown”
“Walther seemed to take a break after the introduction of the P 88 and its variations. At least, it appeared that way to outsiders. On the contrary, behind the locked doors of the design offices in Ulm, work went on. Walter Ludwig put his new idea on paper, and sometime later, this design led to a tangible prototype. The new, all steel pistol was given the name “PP 90”, however, other than a remote similarity to the slide of the conventional PP, it had nothing in common with other PP pistols”.

“This was confirmed by analyzing the technical aspects of this design, which exhibited some well known attributes. In the front of the trigger guard resides a take-down lever, which releases the slide locking mechanism. The slide can now be pushed forward about .197 inches (5mm), and lifted up, which is identical to the VP 70, HK 4 and P9s pistols made by Heckler & Koch. After removing the slide, there is a surprising oversized pivoting arm. A slight movement forward of the unit is enough to remove the barrel, including the return spring and hinged arm. In the center of the locking arm, another piece can be found that is supported at the bottom through a cutout in the axis of the slide stop. It’s upper part is built in the shape of a ring and encompasses the barrel behind the recoil spring. This acts as an additional buffer. Instead of the usual decocking safety, a simple ambidextrous safety secures the hammer in its cocked position. If the weapon is not cocked and the safety is rotated downwards, the trigger is rendered inactive”.

“In front of the safety, 25 slanted cocking serrations are milled in, providing a safe grip of the slide when pulling it back. On the prototype, a rail that is .33 inches (8.5mm) wide, and a smooth design is installed between the three-dot sight system. The large trigger guard allows for handling capability with gloves, and a trigger stop prevents over-travel. Only two provisional smooth walnut grips were installed on the frame of the prototype. The 14-round, 9mm magazine came from the P88 Compact and is retained by an ambidextrous button”.


Source: “Walther; A German Success Story”
By: Manfred Kersten, Dr. David Schiller and Ulrich Eichstädt
Volume 1; pages 364-365
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