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Don't know a thing about these pistols excpet what is listed below as I'm helping out a buddy who's truck broke down. This pistol is 100% NIB and unfired since purchased. It comes with 2 magazine as well as a factory hard case, test target, lock, spare grips and sights. The collor is blackand looks identical to the picture. MSRP is Price is $679...Priced for quick sale....$499 delivered!


Trigger Mechanism: Pre-Cocked Striker System

The P99 Quick Action, with its uniform short trigger pull is the pistol of choice for both law enforcement tactical teams and competitive shooters. The P99 QA is easy to use with its repetitive trigger pull and with its four independent safeties; the P99 QA is one of the safest pistols available today.

Lightning-Fast Firing

The Quick Action trigger system: The striker is partially pre-cocked and when the trigger is pulled, the striker is fully cocked and released, firing the pistol. The trigger travel is approximately .31 inches with a trigger force of approximately 8 lbs. This short pull with its quick reset provides quick shot delivery especially in competitive situations.

MSRP $679.00


Model-: P99QA
Caliber-: .40S&W
Barrel Length: 4.17"
Dimensions, L/H/W: 7.2"/5.3"/1.3"
Weight (without Mag): 23.1 oz.
Sights: 3-dot adj.
Magazine Capacity: 12 Rounds (LE)
Trigger: QA
Trigger Weight: 8 lbs.
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