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I'm looking at the Walther P99c in 9mm, however, I have several questions for those who own one:

1. Warranty, how long?
2. Can the P99c 9mm handle +P, Does MFG. discourage +P?
3. This gun only weights 18.7 oz. empty, is felt recoil more or less than a S&W 340 with a std .38 load, or closer to .38+P?
4. If you could turn back the clock, would you buy this gun again?

My concern for recoil stems from a elbow injury, however, I am looking for a smaller, reliable carry gun which would get minimal range time once comfortable with it.
1. I believe that the warranty is one year.

2. I believe that it can, but is not encouraged to use as practice ammo. I may be wrong and am sure will be corrected by the more experienced Walther members on the Forum.

3. Recoil is much, much less. I have a S&W 642, there is no comparison and I am recoil sensitive.

4. I love the gun, particularly the P99 with the AS trigger. It was perfect right out of the box. Very accurate, comfortable and reliable. It is also light and small enough for pocket carry in a MIka pocket holster in cargo shorts and pants, if you don't like IWB carry. In short, I really could not be happier with my decision to buy the P99c.

Good luck on whatever you decide.


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