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Walther P88 vs. P88C - which one, ......and why ?

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My ultimate dream is to find the Single Action Only "P88 Champion". (If you were thinking about parting with yours, give me a shout, haha 馃槃 )

Since for now this is just a pipe dream, I have decided to add either p88 or p88 Compact to my collection in the meanwhile.

My only Walther is 1965 P38 so I'm not as familiar with the brand as some of the esteemed members here.

I studied the differences and I know what they are between these two models but it's always best to hear from those that use them, if these differences matter much. I also noted that the difference in size between these two models is only a few millimeters.

My question is to those of you that are familiar personally with both of these models.

"If you were to add *only one* of these two pistols to your collection, which one would you choose and why. Which one do you shoot better with if you have both or if you have tried both?"

(Disclamer. Not looking only for a gun only 'to add to my collection" and not looking for a safe queens.....I shoot everything I own....A LOT)

Thank you in advance.
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The p88c is by far my favorite walther Pistol. i find the grip size and trigger reach to be similar to that of the the beretta 92. the p88 grip seems much bigger to me.
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Cannot speak to the P88, but past posts on this forum indicate they are a bit hit or miss on reliability due to complicated mechanics. I consider getting one from time to time, but years later I still have not.

I do own the compact, and I find it to be a fairly simple and reliable gun that I enjoy shooting and owning. Mine wears Nill grips, which makes it a full-handed pistol. As an aside, the P88c has the distinction of being the last all-metal design out of Ulm.
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I bought my P88C in 1995 NIB for $800 after lusting over it in the 94 Interarms catalog . I remember my excitement in seeing the ad in Shotgun News for a dealer that actually had them in stock. I replaced the Clinton-era 10rd magazines from a source in Germany for around $30 each. I bought a nice LNIB P88 in 2008 for $900 but found (like some others) that it didn't really compare favorably with the compact model from an ergonomic standpoint. Both have always been 100% reliable - I still have both pistols.


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Yikes, that makes your compact equivalent to almost $1,300 today. That certainly drives home the point that firearms are often 鈥済ood鈥 investments, but only if you have selective memory and ignore inflation.

Interesting to hear from an owner with both who prefers the compact. Cool that you bought both new and still have them.
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It would be nice to have a choice. Good examples of either are hard to find and rarely travel in pairs.
I have one. The P-88 ( fullsize ) walther also made a compact. IMHO they are very well made . In my hands it shoots as well as my sig 226 or a little bit better. The p-88 is not as good as asig p-210 or a well tuned 9mm 1911 . In 1992 Shooters Bible the MSRP was $1550.00 . Capacity = 15 rounds ,Barrel length = 4" , Overall length = 7 3/8" , Weight =31 1/2 oz. The P-88 has a vary large grip and a long trigger reach , larger in dia. and longer then 92F .Good luck finding magazines and spare parts .You can retro fit Beretta 92 magazines . My I ask your location . If you are close , I would let you try mine .
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