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Walther model 2 semi auto .22 bolt action rifle

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Good day everybody.I recently stumbled upon a interesting rimfire.馃槉Its a bolt action. 22 with a heavy barrel and beautifull wallnut stock.Rear sights are calibrated from 25 to 200m.After some research I found out that it functions as a single shot bolt action as well as a semi auto.My one however seems to be missing some parts as the semi auto function is not working.Single shot however is functioning.Also my shell does not extract and has to be manually removed after every shot.I am in South Africa and have tried most rimfire specialists around here to get spares or even an owners manual on the above mentioned rifle but to no avail.Most people have never heard or seen a rimfire of this nature.All and any info and help on how to possibly restore this beautifull and rather unique piece would be greatly appreciated.With thanks in advance.Yours truely...J.S.
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Try the rifle forum. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Florida.
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