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WALTHER LP53 - how to remove piston

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Hello I have purchased a new piston seal but i am wondering how to pull out the piston.
I am afraid of putting out something that is not necessariy to remove and then fail at putting it together again

Sorry my English

thank you


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Finally I have managed to take out the piston. You have to extract pin A. As pins is comming out you better leave something keeping the spring in place, it will help you to fit the piston back

After a good cleaning the new seal is installed. The old one was a bit worn out.

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Be sure to wear protective glasses! You can lose an eye very easily from suddenly released pistons or other parts.

I once foolishly took apart a Walther LP2 without wearing protective glasses. I would be one-eyed today if a contact lens had not absorbed the impact...


No need to worry about the pawl spring if you just point the cocking slot downwards toward your work bench/ table when tapping the pin out..
Then use a dab of moly grease on the spring to relocate it on the little spring peg...it sort of glues it to the peg while you try to relocate the pin..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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