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Thanks for posting that. As you can tell there isn’t too much activity on here.


You're welcome. I hope it's of use to folks who are interested in this old war horse. :)

We had it out at the range today, with a 3-12X44 scope on it. What a blast! I need to get it set up with the 10 Meter sites and get it back to the owner. <sigh> It seems to be sealing pretty well in spite of the corrosion. And there's no doubt it's one accurate and fun to shoot rifle!

There's not much activity here - but it's one more place where someone who needs the info might stumble onto it. The Good Lord knows I searched long and hard until finally just screwed up the courage and did it. Maybe this will help someone who needs just a nudge to get another old rifle up and shooting again. :)
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