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Hi All,

Recently I purchased a Walther / Hammerli Tac R1. I really like the gun with the exception of the very stiff trigger. I measured the force using a Lyman Pull Gauge and over 10 pulls the average was 9 lbs 5oz.

I took apart the trigger box, polished up the mating surfaces, greased the surfaces and installed a spring kit for the Walther / HK416.

This really helped as the force was reduced to 6 lbs 9 oz measured over 10 pulls.

Just wondering if anyone has done any other mods to the trigger boxes of their Tac R1, HK 416 or S&W 15-22 that has yielded even less force. I would prefer to be around 4.5 lbs but if I can't get it reduced any further than it is now, it is far much better than it was from stock.

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