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Walther GSP...any advice please?

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Hi, I’m into bullseye shooting and have been advised to get myself a GSP, ideally chambered in .32S&W.
I do not intend to go for a brand new pistol for various reasons.
What would you recommend as a used? Any years or models I should avoid due to replavement parts issues?
Recently I found one from 1998 with both 22 and 32 barrels and mags. Looks decent but not cheap, for example.
Please bear in mind I’m in Europe.
Many thanks.
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I've got a 1980 GSP in .22LR but have no experience with the .32 version. It's got a great trigger but the sights are a little had to see. It would really be something else with fiber optics or a red dot. It's a big pistol but easy to field strip. I don't know how hard parts and accessories would be for you to locate.
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