For sale is a rare factory “pre” transitional two-toned PPK/S with original case, papers, etc. Made in late 1999 after the close of Interarms, only a handful of these PPK/Ss are known to exist. Pre-transitional two-tone PPK/Ss were assembled at the Ranger/Black Creek building under Walther USA, LLC authority using parts that were leftover in the manufacturing cycle when Interarms closed (note the Interarms roll mark on the slide). Walther USA, LLC was created as a “transitional” company to continue manufacturing/distributing Walther firearms in the US between the time Interarms closed in 1999 and when Smith & Wesson received federal licensing to manufacture/distribute Walther firearms in the US in 2001. These “pre” transitional two-toned versions were given a model number with a “VAP” prefix and were packaged in black plastic hinged cases that had a round shiny Walther insert on the lid. After the leftover parts ran out Walther USA started roll stamping the two-toned PPK/S gun slides with Walther USA, LLC and changed the serial number to an “AAA” prefix. These PPK/Ss are commonly called “transitional” guns because the parts were entirely manufactured and assembled under authority of Walther USA, LLC without using any Interarms parts, and prior to Smith & Wesson federal licensing. The final manufacturing and assembly of the Walther USA, LLC “AAA” series PPK/Ss were completed in Gadsden, Alabama by Black Creek or Mid-South manufacturing. The pistols were then sent to Springfield, MA to be sold and distributed by Smith & Wesson under the Walther USA name. Once Smith & Wesson received federal licensing in 2001, they took over the manufacturing of the Walther PPK/S series firearms and Walther USA, LLC was dissolved. Smith & Wesson continued the Walther USA, LLC “AAA” serial number prefix on their two-toned PPK/Ss, however, roll stamped the slides with Smith & Wesson.

A more complete discussion/history of these guns can be found at: Interarms Era Two-Tone PPK/S .380 | Walther Forums

$810 shipped (Private Party with D/L to FFL)

Note: Now cross-listed and subject to prior sale