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Hi all, New to the site, I have for sale my dads Great little handgun. The walther CP88. to start off, Im not a kon artist i can assure you, i can see it looks bad as ive just joined the site, But i didnt want to sell her to friends that will mis-use her and i could see it leading back to me and ebay wont sell items like this, so i searched for a suitable forum and here i am. Its a goldy colour, Full metal, as most of you probably know. It comes with the carry case, which is fully lined with foam to keep her safe, a fresh pot of 500 superdome pellets, and a cleaning brush in there. everything you need, all you need are some c02 cartridges.

Im not sure how much these things are worth as ive in-herited it from my farther but were moving and i havnt got the space to use this gun safetly.

Ive done a little research on the internet and i see there going for over a hundred pounds!!! My farther has told me that its only had 500 shots put threw it? if that means anything to you guys. :confused:

please make me an offer, I'd love to get maybe ?70 pounds for the gun but please tell me if thats a little much, i do have a paypal address so i think thats the best form of payment. ill put ?6 on top of the price for postage and i'll make sure shes packed up all safetly.

thankx very much.
steve :)

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