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Walnut PPK V2

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Hi. First off, thanks again to all the purchasers of the original Walnut PPK. (Or PPK/W, as someone noted.) Reading comments on this board, and evaluating what I had built, I've decided to go ahead with a second version. I have walnut left.

This second version exists in four (almost finished) prototypes I'm building to test concepts, get jigs built, and will have the following features:
• more detail
• movable trigger (for trigger pull practice)
•• the trigger in the prototypes is made from polymer clay. It should be stronger than wood, and is certainly (with my woodworking skills) more repeatable. I thought about cast aluminum.)
• rackable slide. I don't know exactly how far the slide racks on a real PPK, but it's certainly a satisfying action to pull the wooden one back and have it slide forward into place with a little click.
• hammer. Non-working, probably polymer clay like the trigger, and mounted in the slide.
• sights.
• removable magazine. Held in place magnetically. I've made both flat and finger rest types.
• movable mag release. Non functioning, but it can be pressed.
• safety. Haven't done this yet, so I don't know if it will move or not. Probably not; I can't figure out a retaining mechanism.

Here's an out of focus picture of a prototype slide, in poplar, unfinished, for an idea.

Comments are welcome.

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So is this link good or not? I don't see anything?
I see a picture that is so big I have to scroll right and left and up and down to see the picture.
Very cool. I can't wait to see the final product. I'm still loving the one you sent me!
OK. Link is fixed, picture is resized, so it probably won't scroll. (In my browser, it automatically resized the huge picture. Maybe that's a forum option?)
I'd be interested in another PPK/W with more detail and functionality...need a silencer too... :D
I like to use the "Manage Attachments" button to upload from my computer or a web link. Here's how your photo would look. Click on the thumbnail for full size... :)


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Ben, thats an interesting prototype. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product. You inspired me to try my hand at wood models. I made a few Walthers, and one Browning 1910. I started a Colt 1903, but it is now on hold until I get my garden broke up and planted. I would be interested in how to make the jigs you mentioned, since mine are pretty much free hand. Iwish you good luck withyour projects. Dave
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