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Hello All, I was referred here by the good folks at gunboards.com.

Picked this up from a local estate sale and the story is this was a WW II era vet bring back. It has some interesting markings on the grip area. No import markings anywhere. If you look at the photo album link below, you will see the holster and the B-Uhr Laco Mfg. Luftwaffe watch that came from the same estate sale. Can someone please tell me about this pistol, or give me some info on it? Approximate value? Thank You!

Public photo album here:



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Hey, Drifter: I'd suggest listing your post on the following site:


The folks there are experts in this sort of thing and can tell you the year and possibly even the month that your gun was made. You might even get a good idea about the current value -- or at least some representative suggestions as to its worth. The folks who literally wrote the books on the PP/PPK reside at this forum and are happy to share.

Good luck.

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Hi, that's a really nice peace.

Here is what I know about it from the top of my mind:

The "R.J." means "Reichsjustizministerium", the german word for "empire department of justice".
As far as I know, there are confusions about the "crown over N" marking.
Some of the guns are engraved with the crown and some have the "eagle over N" markings.
Starting with serial no. 161000p, all Walther PP seem to have the
"eagle over N" markings only. I currently don't have the books with me,
but I estimate the DOB of this gun in the early 40th.

As far as I can see on the photos, it's in a realy good condition. If
it's not reblued and not abraded the worth here in germany is
about $600-700.

Put it on a save place ;-)

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