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Verchromt 1966 PPK?

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Came across a PPK that looks Verchromt. Were they made this late in the game? I thought that was only done much earlier? Thanks for any help. Very nice looking piece. Brown grips and mag. I'll get pix asap. Just wondering if this was factory (W. Germany) or someone did something after market. Thanks for any help. (It's a 7.65)
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It is an after market finish and not something that Walther did.
Notice that the red dot under the safety is missing as well.
Darn. Nice looking for a 66. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to value now? Or is it just what its worth to me at this point, I’m guessing.
Could go as high as 900 because it is a PPK and not a PPK/S, and in 7.65. Depends on the bidders that get involved.
So you dont think the refinish hurts it that much? I was thinking 600 ish.
Are you buying or selling?
Is my memory faulty, or do I recall the verchromt guns being alloy framed?
As the proud owner of a hardchrome P5, it makes a nice looking, durable gun, but not one worth factory finish money.
BTW, the red dot may simply have popped off.
Agree about the red dot. seen that before. Does anyone know what type of plating/refinishing this would have been?
Nivel possible? Doesn't make sense that it would have been done in 66 but roll marks are very strong so maybe after?
$600-700 would be fair in my mind (for my tastes) however, this is a West German PPK in .32, and even though it is refinished, it looks decent. For those who are looking for a quality. 32, the bidding will start out at the expected sales price, but then someone will decide that they don't come to the market frequently at "affordable" prices and push it higher. Interarms PPK's sell for 6-$700 so I can see a few interested parties pushing it up a couple of hundred more. I don't see it surpassing the $900 mark because logically at that price, one would start looking for a blued PPK in .32 in at least very good condition.
Now that I think about it - weren't pretty much all PPK pre-Interarms blued with the rare exception here and there? That would mean they stripped the whole thing down and refinished it, correct? Both frame and slide, etc?
Having had guns hardchromed, no stripping is required.
It isn't terribly expensive.
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I just find it hard to believe that someone would take a beautiful blued gun and want to change it. Might pick it up just for carry.
I'm guessing the bluing was less than pristine, or else it was a preemptive strike to keep it from rusting. My stainless S&W 60 can be made to rust if I sweat on it enough.
And if it was pristine, it likely wouldn't be sitting in a shop for $600...

By all means, get it as a shooter if it seems otherwise sound. Done right, hardchrome is a handsome finish.

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Hey, Moon, care to share a shot of the P5? Always nice to look at one. Curous to see how it looks in that finish.
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