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Okay, I hope this is permissible.

Ben Stoeger, thru his pro-shop is putting together a donation for the USPSA Juniors program, 100% proceeds will be donated directly to the program.

USPSA Junior Program said:
The United States Practical Shooting Association, in conjunction with camp sponsors, is pleased to offer a training camp opportunity to USPSA junior members who participate in action shooting sports and have a strong desire to further his or her skills, but whose families may not otherwise be able to cover the cost of the camp's admission and associated fees.

USPSA is offering a total of 5 summer junior camp scholarships. These scholarships are open to juniors ages 9 – 18 with a current USPSA membership.

More program infromation in the link below

USPSA Junior Camp Scholarship Info

This is really a great program, in my mind, doing something to teach kids to shoot responsibly, and get them more involved in shooting sports is a huge deal, and it makes life long enthusiasts.

Ben is eating the cost on some T-Shirts, or bracelets, or just donate without getting either back in any denomination. I know the NRA has some great programs as well, but since this forum is about shooting sports, and this is specific to one of the shooting sports, thought I would mention it here.

Ben Stoeger Pro-Shop, Donations to USPSA Junior's Program
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