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I did further examination on how I was squeezing the trigger and found that it made no difference and the mag still released after about 3-4 rounds.

I purchase some extra mags for this pistol and tried them, they held much better. These are the stainless newer ones. If you look closely where the mag catch on the gun holds the mag you can see there has been a change. The boss that sticks out protrudes much further out then the stock black mags. BTW: These black mags are the updated ones with the "A" at the end of the part number. The stainless version is far superior.

I called Walther and explained the problem and they sent me out a new catch, catch spring and two replacement magazines and now all is well. I got the parts in about 4 days. Hats off to Walther for good customer service.

I need to give them a call to get the part number for the laser sight for the P22 and where I can get one.

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