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I ran into an issue with Hornady's American Gunner 185gr JHP rounds. I picked up 500 rounds of the American Gunner 185gr JHP rounds, prior to switching to Crit Def. The AG rounds load, cycle, fire and brass kicks out just fine. But almost every time I manually jacked out a cartridge, the rounds hung up on the extractor, the bullet literally stuck to the extractor and/or often the bullet was pulled loose of the case. I haven't experienced this with any other ammunition. I wonder if it is caused by the straight grooves in the AG rounds. (See picture)
I'm not determined to run the AG ammo, just wanted to pass on my experience.

The PPQ 45 is hands down my favorite striker fired pistol and my daily carry for 14 months now. (I still lug my 10mm SR1911 with Buffalo Bore 220gr hard casts in the mountains) I'm just over 5k rounds into the PPQ and have had no problems running a variety of hardball 230s and 185-200gr JHPs at the range. I run 185gr Hornady Critical Defense or Extreme P 200gr +p as ready ammunition and those run perfectly too. Any thoughts?



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