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Sub $500.. Minty if not Unfired P1.10/65 ser# 2832##

I don't know what I have, but ever since I handled a bring-back AC42 when I was very young cop, I've always had the pistol etched in my memory. 35 years of CZs, and I finally went to a Walther, some 4 years ago.

Like the SAP or not, at least one of my long time net buddies started their career with an issued real deal P-38, https://ibb.co/F5k5WpQbefore them going to the Zeedberg-88 in 89 or so.

You can see one here:https://www.gunbroker.com/item/830768689

Todays, new SAPS has better pay and vehicles, but are still carrying the late 80s Beretta 92 copy.

The old hats told me that the original 92SBs Berettas https://www.gunbroker.com/item/833115078were twice the gun that the locally produced "veerwardig" Z88s are. Same for their P-38s that were deadly accurate.

Some might be lucky to get the Storm, but they should be carrying the same pistol as the Dutch cops with their special PPQ.

I do plan to shoot this P-1 a bit.I'll use Remington 115 grain balkl ammo in it..or the S&B 124 grain, and a SAPS 88 grain Sentry round up the spout for carry if I do such.

The fans at my PPQ SUB page:https://www.facebook.com/Walther-PP...AqyFtCxYLcJnsBkIBbbt22pqk_IoyBavbMp9MIf6ySTpD

are urging me to jump back into the PPQ game and buy a new or used SUB-Compact, so look for my pistols for sale in the classifieds.

I do have two new 10mms, for Hunting and other stuff, plus the .44 MG, as in Mountain Gun...the 2019 PPK/s .22 and don't need the stainless .380 or the XD-S Mod 2. The new 10mm OSP has a RMR and fits me better.

Look for them in my albums: https://kev-rees.imgbb.com/?list=im...id]=EYq&params_hidden[from]=user&seek=G7nXqSy

A PPQ SUB should be pretty sweet in a shoulder holster.

It's pretty fun to live in Little Alaska!

No shortage of black bears marauding the area, or democratic women!

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115 Rem should be fine ammo. I'd carefully inspect the grips too before your range trip. They should be fine but when in doubt there are plenty of aftermarket grips you can mount for range trips to keep the originals from cracking.

Be sure to post a range report with your impressions of your P1 and maybe a few images of your new weapon as well.
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