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Umarex XCP Replaced?

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Looking at a few new Umarex air pistols, still seeing the XCP in some local stores, but it seems missing from the product lineup on Umarex' website.

It looks like perhaps it was replaced by the XBG? Can anyone tell me anything about that, or if perhaps one model is/was better than the other?


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The XCP is made specifically for Wal-Mart. You'll find there are many guns that are made for a particular box store that can't be found else where. The XCP is an example of this.

They do use the same magazine as the XBG though.
That makes a lot of sense, thanks for the info!

It's too bad the XBG didn't get the fiber optic sights of the XCP. They're otherwise essentially the same other than appearance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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