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Tweaks, tips and tricks

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I'm curious to know if any of you have 'tricked out' your P99's the way some Glockers do, in terms of functional modifications, like a trigger job.

If so, what have you done? Where did you find the parts? Who did the work? Did you like the results afterward?

So far, I have only one P99 (German) in BlackT, and have been so content that I didn't bother to do anything other than add Trijicons.
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Good question! I would like to know if the dust cover rail can be converted to fit an M3 style light.
Nope you can't. You have two choices:

1) http://www.laserdevices.com/pdf/221020_5.pdf

2) Wait for the Walther P99 DA shown on my web site: http://www.lenaburgs.net/james/Guns/Walther.htm coming
? (If you have to have the M3 Tactical light).

The Laserdevices light is not bad, just not as compact as the M3.

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I changed over to an all steel guide rod in my P99 military, and added Night sights.
The guide rod came directly from S&W/Walther USA.
Earl's supposedly offers a service to lighten the trigger pull. As I quite like the trigger on my P99, I'm only vaguely interested. However, the folks I read about that got it done reported they were very happy.
I did have a trigger job done on two of mine. Both were done
by Earl and took him about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the number of phone calls. The cost was 60.00 each. The trigger job lightens it to about 4 lbs. It is difficult to notice the difference. Infact Val could not really notice the difference between mine and one of his new ones.
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]about 30 to 40 minutes depending on the number of phone calls.
LOL!  Lemmee guess... more phone calls, longer turnaround?  From what I've heard about Earl's personality, I'll bet the squeaky wheel definitely DOESN'T get the grease... it gets replaced with a quiet one.
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I put on a set of PT Nitesites, but really, the best option comes right with the 99, and thats the size change grip inserts.

Let me explain, the Christmas before last, I cut my hand open on some window glass, while helping a resident that had locked themselves outside in the middle of a snow storm. The wound was pretty bad and cut the nerve that supplied feeling to my little finger on my right hand.

The doctor that stiched up the hand said that nerve tissue grows back so slowly, that it could well be a year or more before I regained any feeling in the finger, that is, if I regained feeling in it at all.

Now I do not know how many of you have ever tried to attain a good shooting grip with a dead pinky on you dominant shooting hand, but let me tell you, it's more of a problem than you would think.

My large frame Glock 21 became all but useless

But...Enter stage left, the Smith & Walther 99/40, I had just bought a couple of months back...A quick change of the grip insert, to the smallest size and the ergonomics changed to a much more comfortable and secure grip, that helped with the loss of pinky finger control due to my injury.

In other words the adjustable grip inserts, turned out to be not just a gimmick, but a true stroke of genius on Walther's part, worth every penny.

The good news, is after two years, the feeling is beginning to come back to my shooting hand pinky, But that does not mean that I will be going back to my Glocks or 1911's, No, I've become so used to and in love with the Smith & Walther, That I really have no desire to carry anything else in my daily wanderings.
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Whoa! FAL, I hope that heals soon!
SpringCo rod, Hogue Handall, AGrip and Meprolights. I like my gun.
Not too much to do. I polished out my trigger assembly with a dremel. I also reshaped the trigger blade and guard to fit me a little better and not bite my finger when I shoot. Took the ridges off the blade, smoothed and rounded it, lowered the bump on the trigger guard. I used an SOS pad to restore the original texture. I changed the striker spring to a stock streangth Glock. Overall brought the pull down to 4.5 lbs and the gun feels a little better.
I have added Meps to one and Big Dot to another...I have snipped a few coils off of the striker to make the trigger lighter...tried the Glock spring but did not like it as well as the Walther spring that I neutered...
Seems like cutting the P990 spring would be a good way to lessen the pull.
added and afterwards removed :

- Sprinco recoil reducer : doesn't make any difference, clearly designed for the .40 S&W, not for the 9 x 19 mm.
- HiViz fibre optic front sight : works great but only in daylight conditions
- Nill wooden backstrap : very nice but somewhat slippery
- LDI BA-5 laser : damaged the rails due to the recoil (minor damage), but a great training tool !
- LPA adjustable rearsight : didn't suit me that well

keepers :
- Trijicon night sights : all steel, razor sharp sight image, day or night
- Walther rail adaptor : increases the balance and conceals the rail damage, looks wery cool

All the installations / removals were done by myself (easy) and all of the above mentioned items were purchased via internet (Earl's repair shop, Kaehny's, Sprinco etc..)
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Here is my "tricked" out Walther P-99 in .40 cal

Walther .40 Ported barrel

The only thing this image does not show.......is the remote pressure switch I have since installed under the houge "slip-on" rubber grips. This switch now operates the laser OR the flashlight head [ when installed ]

The Laser is smaller than shown.......I built & added the lens extension to protect the laser from muzzle blast. This became a moot point though, after I bought the "ported" barrel which sends all muzzle blast upward now. But the lens protector looked "cool" and dangerous to me [smile] so I kept it in place.

One point about the Laser Devices Inc. laser I use. It is excellent and I have not had to adjust zero but once. Some might complain about LDI's laser's size, but I for one like the "reason" for the increase size -- Battery power. These lasers have extended run times [ 40 hours ] as opposed to some other "tiny" lasers that have a 3 hour continous run-time.

The barrel is a Bar-Sto Ported .40 cal SS barrel. For reasons I won't re-hash on the forum.....I had to re-fit the barrel to the gun myself. I also had to completely customize the feed ramp of this barrel to reliably handle hollow point defensive bullets.
I use Speer Gold Dot ammo exclusively in this Walther.
This pistol and barrel set-up is now deadly accurate....... I can put a box of 50 Speer Gold Dots into one 2 inch hole at 10 yds away.

The Sights are the tritium filled 24/7 Big Dot system.......great sights for quick combat shooting. No need to activate the laser at all --on targets up to the 15 yd line.

The Houge Slip-on Grips........ a must in my book! The polymer grip on the Walther is just too slippery when my hands get wet from sweating. The slip-ons are made for the glock, but with some judicial trimming---they fit the Walther very nicely.

I only use the 12 rds MAG.s for CCW work......... the bottom plate is designed to be less likely to break---- like the standard 10 rd mags that shipped with the weapon.

And lastly -- My Walther is one of 5,000 where the Slide & barrel were made by S&W instead of Walther Germany. The year was 2000, I believe. Since I don't use the stock barrel any longer, that just leaves the Slide. The finish has required some touch-up over the years--- but some "cold blue" has matched the black Tenifer finish very well.

Total investment= about $1200

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Bone stock baby. I'd like night sites, but I'm poor.
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