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Just an FYI to those who are planning on purchasing Tucker Gun Leather.

1. They support our troops and put a priority on their orders (at least that is what I am lead to believe). So they get a big thumbs up.

2. Becuase of the amount of work they are doing, there is a significant wait on orders. I ordered in on June 2, and should expect it to ship in about 6 more weeks. Total, 5 month wait.

3. They offered a $15 discount due to the wait.

Now I still believe, that most people on the forum believe that these are the best concealable holsters, and when I get mine I have full intentions in posting a stellar review. I may even include pics. And I really wanted to say I think it is good that they give priority to troops, because I even offered more to be moved up the list, and they turned me down. So at least Tucker supports those who need his products versus those of us who want his products.

Wage out
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