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Alright so I ordered the truglo tfx pros for my m2 ppq .45 and have had them for a week or so, i was unable to slide the rear sight in, and read online people had to a bit of filing and such, so I took it to my local shop.
my guy had it back the next day, which was clutch cause it’s my edc and while I have other options it’s honestly my preferred setup. A quick trip to the range and acquisition is much easier than the stock sights, and my grouping was better, possibly just because I could see the sights, and through them, much more effectively.

bonus shot of my carry case, a vaultek lifepod, which for the m2 .45 is a literal perfect glove fit, even with the truglo which the reason does seem to sit a bit taller.
Anyone looking for some new sights for their setup, 10/10 these are great.
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