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To diagnose feed stoppages in any Walther pistol (or for that matter, any other automatic firearm), FIRST try the following, one remedy at a time, in this order:

1) Try other ammunition. Start with standard U.S.-made FMJ of known quality and performance to establish a benchmark for comparison.

2) Remove the barrel and scrub out the chamber with a bronze brush until it's bright and shiny when you look inside it obliquely with the sun shining in from behind you.

3) Disassemble, inspect and clean the magazine. You must take it apart to clean it properly. Note the orientation of the spring when you take the magazine apart, and be sure to reassemble it the same way. If you're experiencing malfunctions and you're using an aftermarket mag, stop there and buy an original magazine.

4) Scrub the breech face with a toothbrush, especially under the extractor claw. Make sure the extractor moves freely. If it's gummy, gritty or loaded with sludge, remove the extractor and clean it and its channel in the slide.

Then, and only then, if the problem persists, look elsewhere. New springs are way down on the list, and copious oiling seldom cures anything.

If you want to learn something from the experience, try only one remedy at a time. Otherwise you won't know which one was the cure.

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