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Trijicon HD's(Orange)

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Just bought 2 sets of Trijicon HD's(Orange) for my P99C and Q45 from Optic's Planet for $226. I even used the Code B9USA for 5% off(Saved another $11).


4 sets left now. $118 each. B9USA for 5% off.
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How do you like them?

I currently have XS Big Dots. Decent sights. I figure to shoot some more with them, then change them out and see which ones I prefer.

Maybe even get some Truglo's later on...
Super fast target acquisition, the orange front sight makes focusing on it automatic. It's also quite large so it covers up a lot of the bullseye at longer distances. And the rear sight is a bit snaggy when pulling the pistol from a pocket.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts