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Trigger Spring

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Walthers sent me a new plunger for my site, and also by mistake sent a trigger return spring which they do not want back...I put the wolf spring on my P99 which helped the trigger alot, but would still like a lighter pull. Should I play with the new spring, stretch it out or file around it to reduce gage of wire to make it weaker? This is a "range" gun so my life is not depended on it, but I do not want to screw anything up either, or make it full auto! Any thoughts?
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cool, so the striker spring did make a difference for you...
did you use the 5.5# or the reduced 4#?

i think that the only way to that portion of trigger (spring) pull lighter is to get a new spring wound in a smaller guage.
stretching it may help too, but i wouldn't file it.
Quack, used the 4# Wolf and it works great with no misfires.

The reason I said file is I had heard of someone that got a spring that they wanted lightened, put a pencil it so it would spin for even removal of material, and put it to a grinder to reduce the guage,,,I agree it will reduce the strength of the spring but I wonder if it would still work or not.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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