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Trigger reset failure

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I just picked up my walther ppq m2 when I got home I cocked it dry fired it and notice the trigger didn’t reset like I’ve seen in the videos gunnis brand new in box and I have not fired it yet any suggestions??
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I even cocked it hard to see it that was the issue and still the same
I might just call walther tomorrow there might be an issue with the trigger and see what they say
I just responded to your PM. Yep, I think Walther needs to look at this one.

Just so you know, the slide only needs to be moved back about 3/8" and back forward to cock the striker (reset the trigger). You can rack it in slow motion or in the blink of an eye...makes no difference.
Welcome, sorry to hear about the pistol, good luck.
Welcome from coastal North Carolina. I hope everything works out for the best and you enjoy your Walther for many years.
When you purchased it, did you dry fire it? If you bought it online and had it sent to a ffl, should have inspected it before accepting it.
What video are you referencing the trigger on?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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