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I have shot the PPQ 45 ACP and thought it had a really great trigger. In fact, the one I was shooting was stock out of the box with under a thousand rounds through it and I think it was lighter than my PPQ 9mm trigger.

Several reviews said the Walther PPQ 45 had a trigger pull of around 5 lbs or so.

OK, One review of S&W M&P 2.0 45 ACP say the new trigger on the 2.0 is a crisp 6 plus lbs. Another review said 6. lbs Another said it was a nice crisp 5. lbs out of the box.

Anyone shot both out of the box? I am not talking about guns with changed springs or special triggers. Out of the box. Anyone have any comparison comments?

I do realize trigger quality can vary from gun to gun out of the box.

I will say Thanks here and then sit back and read any comments.
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