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Does Glock have different striker assemblies for the same reason?

I've never heard this brought up for them (or anyone else), despite the fact that they set the bar for modern mass production. The above tolerance stacking explanation makes sense, but if other manufacturers don't similarly have multiple assemblies to counter the tolerance stacking, what do they do to counter it?

Which specific tolerances are stacking up in the Walther to force the different trigger feels? If I test drove a QA and loved it, then bought one only to have a completely differeent trigger feel I'd be pissed. Come to think of it, the P99 I rented and fell in love with had the original AS split trigger, and when I bought one it didn't. That worked out okay for me, but I'm seeing QA owners talk about their trigger pulls as long and light, short and heavy, quick reset, slow reset...I mean WTH is going on there?

If a QA owner is unhappy with thier trigger, can they send it to S&W to have the striker and other parts (I'd love to know which other parts play a key role in the tolerance stack) custom fitted for the pull they want?

Oh my GOD. Performance Center P99....I got wood.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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