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Trigger bar spring question

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I just got a new replacement Walther PPK/S 1 for the new one that no one could field strip. Took it apart to clean it before shooting it and while reassembling it noticed the trigger bar had fallen off. I thought I had read about someone else who had dislodged the bar and trigger bar spring. I looked at the PPK/S diagram at Numrich and saw a trigger bar spring, part 39 A, listed just below the trigger bar part. I couldn't find mine. I assumed it had popped out when the bar fell out. So I call Walther to order a replacement. The lady said my PPK/S didn't have a trigger bar spring listed on its parts list. It could be my model simply doesn't have one, and the Numrich diagram was of an earlier model. I didn't notice the spring when disassembling the gun. Does anybody know if the new PPK/S have a trigger bar spring? Certainly the lady at Walther should know, but I'd prefer to err on the cautious side.
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Oops. I think I've solved my problem. I think I have the trigger bar spring confused with the spring that goes with the ejector. It was the ejector that popped out. sorry for not thinking this through before posting. Boy, I'm getting an education with this PPK/S, cause I'm spoiled by the easy takedown of my Glock.
Yes that little devil flies right out if you let it. I lost my first one, never to be found. My second flew clear across our basement and I was lucky to find it. Now I do not mess around and I'm really careful when removing the slide and if I need further disassembly I do it inside a clear plastic bag.
Happy ending, I think.

Just talked to a young man at Walthers who is sending me a new spring, no charge. He also said he'd include a couple of extras. He said folks are losing these things all the time. Made me feel a bit better about not being more diligent when cleaning the gun.
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