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Trbci compensator for PPQ

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So this is the first compensator I have seen made specifically for the ppq and they are sold out so someone has one 馃. Anyone have a review or some feedback on it?

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My main concern after seeing this picture would be how badly the compensator is impacting the guide rod. This would be even more of a concern if I happened to be using any of the steel guide rods available for these pistols.

I'd also be curious to know if this compensator slows the rearward travel of the slide down to the point where it starts negatively impacting reliability.
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I've got one on my PPQ, and I've got a few thousand rounds down the pipe with zero problems. I've also got a DPM spring kit in it, along with a milled slide and red dot (this is my project gun).It does seem to reduce muzzle flip,and it's a very soft shooter. I've shot multiple brands of ammo, including AE Syntech, which has reduced recoil, and haven't had any issues at all.
I don鈥檛 know why this wound be a problem. I think a bigger concern would be knowing if the $70 plus the investment for a threaded barrel on a 9M is worth it. Those that go this route will say they can feel a difference. Those that don鈥檛 buy one, will say it鈥檚 not worth it 馃檪
The thing about a compensator is that the hotter the ammo is the more effective the comp works. So the basic idea is that if you do not shoot only your carry ammo when you train that the felt recoil of your carry ammo will be about the same as your practice ammo is with the comp on. Also got competition purposes it can help you reacquire the sights faster because of faster cycling. I will be buying a tbrc when it is in stock again and I will add my thoughts
I have one of these comps on a Q4 and I also have a 4鈥 PPQ, so pretty much identical guns. The comp does help with muzzle rise, so I think it does what it鈥檚 supposed to do.

I did not have to put the 鈥渟uppressor鈥 spring in and I have about 500 rounds through it with zero problems. My Q4 with its comp and Venom is just a blast to shoot. It is awesome that it shoots as well as my all steel Government sized 9mm 1911 with a red dot. I, and others, contacted TBRI last year and that may have helped induce them to make a batch. They only made 30 and they sold out in under 2 weeks. If you already have a threaded barrel, then it鈥檚 not a big investment and you can always take it off.


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Would you recommend just calling them? I'm not on the fence I'm getting one asap
I emailed TBRC and they got back to me quickly.
I emailed TBRC and they got back to me quickly.
what did they say? I want to order one
Sad news from tbrc

Unfortunately the PPQ comps are at least a few months out. We produce them in very small, limited batches.
I contacted them last year and it was several months until they produced them. I think they made 30. It looks like they could make 100 and easily sell them in a month or two.
does anyone know where i can get 1 or 2 trbc comps for my ppqs?
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