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although nothing compares to actual hands on training courses, ive found a lot can be gained by watching quality training videos such as these offered by wilson combat. not only does it reinforce what training classes teach you, it also provies you with instruction from internationally recognized authorities that you most likely will never get to meet in person (not to mention they provide many hours of dang fine entertainment!).

CLICK HERE to see my reviews of the Wilson Combat Basic Self Defense Handguns two disk series and the 5 disk Wilson Combat Advanced Shooting Tactics & Techniques series. the reviews include both pictures and video segments to give you a sample of video content. along with lenny magill, bill wilson and ken hackathorn cover the most basic parctices and techniques to some of the most advanced. this is money well spent, ive watched them several times and seem to pick up on more each time.

.....i did get some strange looks from the little liberal princess who sat beside me on the airplane watching my portable DVD player from the corner of her eye. :)

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